Ruiz Magaz


Vanessa Ruiz Magaz


How it all started

"My passion for my profession comes from very early age. When I was only a girl, I used to wonder why my friends needed ortodontics but I did not. It always amazed me when I was going to the dentist with my relatives and I could seat and stare how professionally the doctor would treat the patient. I used to think to myself, that was the closest thing to art and science combined. Be able to remove their pain and give them back their ability to smile. Just a wonderful job."

Areas of expertise
Personalised case study
Gum Regeneration
Treatment of periodontal infections
Periodontal & Dental maintenance
Bone regeneration
Implants maintenance
Treated patients
Conventional Periodontics
Supportive Periodontics

Specialties at hand

Match patients' goals with a proposed solution
considering latest dentistry tools, technology and techniques.
Adapted Treatments

Based on scientific evidence.

Safe Results

Patients satisfaction in the best value.

Excellence Guaranteed

Exclusive dedication since 2001.


Experience in academia
  • Professor
    ANECA | 2019 - Ongoing

    Doctor professor hired by the programme of superior accreditation, ANECA

  • Visiting Professor
    University of Padova | 2017 - Ongoing

    Visiting Professor of Masters and Bachelor at the University of Padova, Italy

  • Board Member
    SEPA | 2015 - Ongoing

    Editorial Board Member of SEPA's magazine, Periodoncia Clínica.

  • Board Member
    UIC | 2009 - Ongoing

    Board Member of Healthcare Ethics in the Internacional University of Catalonia

  • Professor
    UIC | 2007 - Ongoing

    Associate professor in the Periodontics Department of the Internacional University of Catalonia

  • Professor
    UPC | 2007-2009

    Associate professor. Masters about Lasers in surgery, in Teknon. Photonic Medicine in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Clinical cases



Contribution and dissemination of Science

Histomorphometric results in ridge preservation

Barallat L, Ruíz-Magaz V, Levi PA Jr, Mareque-Bueno S, Galindo-Moreno P, Nart J. Histomorphometric results in ridge preservation procedures comparing various graft materials in extraction sockets with nongrafted sockets in humans: a systematic review. Implant Dent. 2014 Oct;23(5):539-54


Bone grafts for guided bone and tissue regeneration

Speaker at the Course-Workshop on Bone Grafts for Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration. Klockner & Botiss Biomaterials. Center Branemark Lleida.


Use of Laser in Periodontics

Use of Laser in Periodontics


Update on advanced periodontal and regenerative surgical treatments

Speaker on the Update on Advanced Periodontal and Regenerative Surgical Treatments in Periodontics and Implants.