Cirugía Periodontal y Terapia Convencional

Cirugía Periodontal y Terapia Convencional

Conventional treatment consists in removing bacteria deposits and accumulated tartar above and below the gum. That means, in every niche of dirt that may be on the teeth. Sometimes antibiotics and antiseptics can be prescribed. Antibiotics help kill bacteria that infects the tissues but they can not eliminate tartar deposited on the teeth. Furthermore, long term use is not recommended as it continuously produces resistors in the bacteria and therefore undesirable side effects on the organism. Currently it is recommended only to treat with antibiotics more aggressive periodontitis.
Regarding antiseptics, they are often used as mouthwashes. In the treatment of these diseases they have limited effectiveness because they do not penetrate into the periodontal pockets. Therefore these antiseptics are used as complementary products to periodontal treatment, never a substitute for treatment by a periodontist.
When the disease is advanced, it may also be required periodontal surgery. Periodontal surgery or periodontal pocket elimination, are aimed to kill bacteria that are located deeper. There are other techniques
regenerative and mucogingival surgery through which the bone or gum can recover its loss.

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